HardWare - Cabinets and Shelving

It is important that any cabinets purchased have the ability, internally to cope with the daily changing environment we live in. Wherever we can we must implement the most space, cost and time efficient systems but we must never lose the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing needs. Therefore, Profile offers three types of filing and storage units to provide the best solution for each requirement.
Mobile High Density Bulk filers
This system provides high-density document storage with minimum floor space usage. This unit is available in single, two, tree, four and five wide units. Each configuration is available with a mechanical drive option, making easy access to documentation in the unit effortless.
For aesthetic purposes, cladding can be fitted onto the filing units to suit the surroundings. As the units are available in various configurations, they can be designed to suit requirements such as:
<          Floor space - How large the area is,
<          Amount of filing in specific areas / departments,
<          Layout of office - pillars, corners etc.

6-bay open bay.jpg

6 Bay bulk filer
4-bay Beech.jpg

4 Bay bulk filer with Beech wood cladding
6 x 2 bay budget.jpg
6 x 2-wide bulk filer with mechanical assist
6 x 2 bay Aluminium.jpg

6 x 2-wide bulk filer with perforated Aluminium cladding

Static bay with doors.jpg
Static bay with full height lockable doors

ii.        High Density Drawer Cabinets

These cabinets are available from a two-drawer to a six-drawer and can be manufactured with a number of laminate and veneer finishes to suite the office environment.
The smaller units can also be manufactured to fit under an existing worksurface, thereby becoming part of a workstation, and possibly replacing a desk leg. In these cases, the top can be left off to enable fastening to the underside of a desk.
Internally the drawers are deisned to accommodate the A4 containerised system ,but can be fitted with cradles to accommodate A4 and fullscap suspended files.
Solid bottoms can also be fitted into each drawer, making the drawer useful for various larger formats.


5 Drawer Top Retrieval Cabinet

5-drawer cabinet open drawer.jpg

Close-up of 5 drawer cabinet drawer

ii.         Static Budget Shelving

These are best utilised in storeroom or archive areas. Shelving provides a cost effective way of housing boxes of stock (letterheads etc.)and more importantly, archive boxes/containers.
Height, width and depth are available in different sizes allowing for effective usage, but flexibility is minimal. Specifications:
<          Epoxy powder coated
<          Steel cross bracing for strength (3 sets per bay)
<          Shelves are 1mm thick sheet metal, able to hold 100kg spread load
<          All units are bolted together for sturdiness.

Steel shelving.JPG