SoftWare - Files and Accessories

By “software” we are referring to the files themselves, eg containers, labels, divider cards, archive containers, folders, files, etc. This is the “heart” of any filing system, as efficiency, ease of access and retrieval are all reliant on the provision of the correct software system for individuals or departments. After a thorough document paperflow survey has been conducted, a systemised software solution will be recommended. Three basic types of software solutions are offered by Profile.

Containerised Filing
This solution is housed in A4 plastic or board containers in pull-out trays or on shelves. It is a top retrieval system that makes effective use of a pre-printed scale on all weight files, as well as colour coding to produce an efficient, easily accessible solution.

Plastic containers.jpg

Plastic filing container
Code 202
System files.jpg

System files:

Lightweight System files, Code 102
Mediumweight System files, Code 103
Heavyweight System files, Code 104
Extra Heavyweight System fies, Code 105

Adhesive labels.jpg

Adhesive labels:

One colour pack, Codes 1101 - 1113
Mixed colour pack, Code 1114
Plastic label covers, Code 1115

Code 201

Accessible fastener.jpg

Accessible fastener

Code 301
Divider cards.jpg
Dividers cards:
Internal divider, Code 100
Red divider, Code 101

Lateral Shelf Filing
This system is housed on shelving, with the use of wire racks for support. The wire racks are loose fitting and fit onto any existing static shelf.
Large, simple, clear, colour-coded, pre-printed labels are used to make this system ideal for alpha-numeric systems. Misfiling is eliminated because of the colour coding.It is the most space effective system available. Because of it’s sheer simplicity, it is extremely successful when used in bulk filing situations.

Lateral 501 files.jpg

Lateral shelf files, Std
Code 501

Lateral 502 files.jpg
Lateral shelf files, HW
Code 502
Alpha num tabs.jpg
Alpha & Numeric Tabs

Suspended Filing
This system consists of Hanging pockets containing system files. These pockets are housed in pull-out cradles or in drawer cradles. It is also a top retrieval system which provides easy access to documentation. Each suspended pocket and inner file are clearly labelled allowing efficient retrieval. The same system files as for the containerised filing are used as inner files.

Suspended files A4.jpg
A4 Suspended files, Std
Code 401

Archive filing
The inevitability of semi-archive and eventually archive documentation led to Profile Storage Systems creating an effective and cost saving archive system. Our archive system is based on a three step “programme” to simplify the archiving process. The semi-archive material would be housed in a small archive box and stored on site for the period in line with the document’s retention period. Once the documents have become true archive material, six small boxes can be housed in the large archive box, creating an archive box which is prepared for either basement or off-site storage. Future retrieval is simplified because all documents are packaged in smaller segments and are easily identifiable.

Archive box small.jpg

Archive box, small

Code 203

Archive box, large.jpg

Archive box, large with lid

Code 205