Paper Management


Information is critical to any business process and requires immediate access. If documentation is not labelled clearly, or in any specific system and difficult to retrieve, time finding that document is wasted. Wasted time in any business is wasted money. The computer’s ability to quickly manipulate huge volumes of information, means that new data is being generated and analysed faster and more easily, resulting in an increase in paper volumes in the office.                                                                                  
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Until people are fully computer literate and comfortable with the idea that hard copies of information stored on disk is not required, the paper mountain is likely to become more of a problem rather than less.
 It is a costly matter to store this paper in expensive storage units taking up expensive floor space. It is therefore vital that an effective paper management system is designed to ensure a lean paper environment in which all items are stored in the most effective and economical way.
The success of any paper management program is dependant on the support of management and staff in that organisation.

We are able to make people aware of the simple principles involved but it requires a certain amount of authority and discipline to ensure success.

We can identify two important aspects of a document management system:

  1. Paper reduction, and
  2. Paper location.

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