About us

Profile Storage Systems markets and supplies storage solutions of the highest value and quality. Because of our extensive experience, we are committed to offering solutions - efficiency, aesthetics, productivity-inducing aspects and cost effectiveness in the short, medium and long term.

Management support is vital to ensure that an effective paper management system is implemented and is an ongoing success.

To ensure that an organisation gets off to the right start and stays in touch, Profile offer a wide range of storage and record management systems, as well as a selection of value-adding support services.

These include the following:


  • Departmental and organisational paper flow,
  • Study of retention periods,
  • Workstation, group, semi-archival and archival storage,
  • Current method of filing,
  • Current archival and destruction processes, if any.


  • Eliminating duplication of documentation,
  • Efficient use of cabinets resulting in the reduction of cabinets required,
  • Better utilisation of floor space effecting better capital expenditure,
  • Efficient filing methods, reducing retrieval times, eliminating misfiling and introducing effective archival processes, which all result in increased productivity.


  • Training and workshops for staff who will be using the new systems,
  • Conversions of filing systems can be arranged using casual staff,
  • Ongoing service of existing and advice regarding new and changing requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our experience and support can help your organisation maximise space utilisation and provide an environment which adds to each employee’s performance and well-being.

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